Cleaning the carbon from an engine every once in a while is a good idea. The car owner benefits from increased performance, improved fuel economy and reduction of harmful emmisions, reducing the likelyhood of a breakdown.

This process will likely help your vehicle regarding the new 2018 emmsions laws set out by the DVSA for the MOT tests, where the emmisions level has been dramtically reduced to help keep harmful gasses increasing.

The clean will also prevent some of the more costly parts from failing on your vehicle such as blocked DPF's, fouled fuel injectors and more importantly MOT failures.

Along with the Carbon clean we also offer a range of products to help with the maintenence of your vehicle which include:-

  • OIL SYSTEM CLEANER - Cleans engine internally, provides anti-wear protection and neutralises acid build up.
  • OIL SYSTEM PROTECTOR - Protects the oil system and reduces oil consumption.
  • DIESEL SYSTEM CLEANER - Cleans the whole diesel system from tank to exhaust.
  • PETROL SYSTEM CLEANER - Cleans the whole petrol system from tank to exhaust.

All of these products work hand in hand with each other and help to increase the life of your vehicle and avoid costly repairs.


Get It Clean!

Deep Clean

Air Intake / EGR Valve Clean
Complete Fuel System Clean
Oil Clean & Oil System Protector
£888 Plus Service Cost

Keep It Clean!

Every 6 Months -Diesels Only

DPF & Diesel System Clean kit

Every Year

Fuel Saver Service Kit
Oil System Protector
£88 Plus Service Cost

Every 2 Years

Air Intake / EGR Valve Clean

Every 5 Years

Coolant Clean & Change

Please call us for full information on how the systems work and booking availabiltiy. 01179380003.

Delivery on time

We do offer a delivery service when you purchase a car from us, depending on distance, for further information please contact Steve in the sales department on 01179381973.

Quality service

We aim to offer the best service at Longcross Garage and meet your individual requirements whether you are buying a car from us or simply having repair work done. 

We can guide you and offer advice on any apsect of vehicle maintenence or purchase. Feel free to call us on 01179381973 or 01179380003 7 days a week.

Retro cars

Due to the combined experience we have at Longcross Garage we are able to offer advice on classic or retro cars. We often deal with classic saab's and have a vast knowledge of the brand and can undertake most work on some of the older vehicles.

For advice on classic Saab's feel free to call or email using our contact form below.